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October 31, 2006

Its already Halloween, shit what happened to September?

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Since you are already here, I am expecting you to look at the links below, but sometimes I need to force feed you. Watch this…

Adam Sandler – Secret

Shhh…..Don’t tell


Will you please stir it up
Just a great commercial for a great beer
“Going to get an oil change, be back in thirt”
That face is totally freaking me out, like dude, whoa
Get comfortable, I present to thee, “The Wizard of Floyd”


These balls feel weird
“i am so hungover” (Brian Fantana voice)
Cyclist takes steroids and records how it much it helped
Red Auerbach died, he was a certified NBA executive badass


I hate that 5’7″ little shit David Eckstein

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Honestly, this d bag is the epitome of a little bitch, a little bitch that make over $3 million a year

A graceful end to a marathon
They found more than just drugs in that raid
The human camera – Rainman aint got shit on this guy
I’ve watched this more than care to admit, but now you will too

Apple iPhone – Believe
You bring the bucket of chicken, I’ll bring the 40’s
“The King of Spain killed a drunk bear….really he did”
“I killed that guy who raped you”….”I was lying about that”

weird statues
I had no idea Iran looked like this
Wanted: Rapist who looks very familiar

Welcome Home

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When I have had my fill of UCC Codes and Restatements, I waste time finding weird stuff on the internets. Then I usually annoy people by saying, “Oh man, you should see what I found yesterday!” Followed by that person wishing they didn’t have to listen to me. Now you don’t, on this here blog I will be posting all the strange, funny, gross, stupid, and interesting shit I end up running into.

Welcome to your Usual Place of Abode…

Welcome Home

Your welcome

I’m so excited
Norweigans are cool
The D is back, we can now rock again
The baddest white boy in short shorts
What, you DONT have a ribbon on your SUV?

They had a good run
The funniest movie you wont see
Its time to kick that vodka snorting habit
“I’ll have a coke.” “What kind of coke?” “Sprite.”
This would work great if you could say this without passing out

54th floor please
Iraq looks beautiful this time of year
I am thinking about dropping out of school and joing this crew, Whadayathink


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