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November 26, 2006

Tequila, Legos, $240 of Pudding

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Considering I spent most of this weekend slamming tequila to the fullest, this is the best i can do for you (Bender).

What do you like more here, the Lego stop motion or the depeche mode song? Be honest

If you lied and said stop motion, check out a Norwegian dominating the drums and piano

Remember The State? It was a sketch comedy show on MTV back when Downtown Julie (Sarah) Brown was killin it. The same guys from The State are now in a popular television show called Reno 911 the considerably less popular Stella. If you dont know, now ya know, Kramer.

Taco Mail
$240 of Pudding (sorry but if you dont watch this one, you must find a new place of abode – thems the rules)
You’re Dad and I’m Doug and I’m outta here



November 20, 2006

Michigan State University

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Michigan State University -Where football comes to die, where basketball coaches come to coach football, wherer gangstas can get an education (for a year), and where I came to drink (and lurn things)

Sparty On

Football – First MSU hires John Lansing Smith away from Louisville; Smith was hired over such candidates as Urban Myer. Currently, Louisville is ranked 8th, Urban Myer coaches the University of Florida who is undefeated and ranked 4th in the country, and we are ranked lower Micheal Richards on a “pro-affirmtive action list.” Wowzers.

To fix your football worries, we are going to do the most sensible thing. Hire Izzo Sad thing is Izzo would most likely do better than 4-8 and 1-7 in conference. Lets remember what following the Spartans under JLS was like (with commentary from am 1270’s Mike Valenti):


Basketball – Remember Zach Randolph. He was here for his freshmen year and now puts up some decent numbers in the NBA. Oh yeah, he has a rape charge against him. I love how he is a “gangsta, not a blazer” – Make us proud.

You should know this Zach

MSU has its problems, but we are usually too drunk to worry about those much. Anyway, how can you complain when we top this list on (go there and find, you will appreciate it)

November 11, 2006

Stolen fish, The Onion, Caucasian Club, Velevt, Swardson

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Better by fryin’ that shit up for me

Bitch better by fryin’ that up

If you have never read the The Onion, you are missing out. It’s a fake news site that has been around forever, back when they actually made newspapers. Check out this article from January of 2001. The writer made all these crazy predictions about what Bush would do in Office. Guess what, they almost all came true, here is the annotated version with updated links about the predictions made

Ever wonder why there is no Caucasian Clubs around? This 15 year old girl did, and started her own. This is a must read for the Principal’s quote about what the future of the Caucasian Club would morph into.

Thats beautiful, what is that velvet? The real life coming to America

And we will end it with some stand up. If you have 20 minutes to waste, here is Nick Swardson (the dude from Grandma’s Boy who lives with his “roommates”)

usual place of abode – out

November 9, 2006

Dems, Colbert, Marvin Gaye, Canada, Yzerman

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Well the Dems have taken control of the House and it looks like the Senate as well. Sounds good to me. Per usual, Mr. Colbert came in with a great view of the election. Check it out.

As this election and feeling of patriotism is still on people’s minds, I am going to hit you with the most player-rific version of the national anthem, Marvin Gaye at the 1983 NBA All Star Game. Who would of thought that sexytime and the national anthem would ever mix?

From a smooth ass version of an anthem to an intimidating version check out the Edmonton Oilers fans singing “Oh Canada” before a playoff game (both of these courtesy of the Sports Guy)

It doesn’t get much better than playoff hockey. The Red Wings are rolling with seven straight wins, but lets not lie; it’s just different without the Captain here. Wings v. Blues, Game 7 1996 – The Shot


November 6, 2006

Borat, Saddam, Clown penis, etc…

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Hope everyone had a good weekend. Hope everyone hates getting back into reality as much as I do. Hope someone does my laundry soon. Onto the goods.

Check out the real life version of Borat. Here is his web page, and here is everything you would want to know about Mahir Çağrı.

Shit, I can do that
The last web address available – clownpenis.fart
Sick technology that brings everyones pictures together

I love Detroit
Laaaaater Hussein
I heard the Dear Leader has a great low post game

I know everyone cant get enough of Kim Jong to the il, so here is his hit single. And here is the greatest speech of all time.

later alligator

November 2, 2006

Random European Hypocrisy/Comedy

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Don’t got tons of time to dick around today but I won’t to leave you hanging;

Bono hearts the poor. But not when his taxes are involved. Speaking of Bono my boy over at “Born on Durand Street” has a little something to say about him.

So if you are a poor Irishman and Bono is screwing you, try to look on the bright side of life.

We will stick with the all European theme today with a little more Monty Python
Every Sperm Is Sacred
Lumberjack Song
This is what I want my eulogy to be like

Borat comes out tomorrow. BALIEVE!


November 1, 2006

But what will they rename the beauties?

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Say in aint so Bob!!!

Ever watch the Price is Right and notice Bob is just in a crab ass mood. He yells at the players while explaining the finer points of “Blank Check” and just verbally abuses contestant row when they bid too slow. Bob didnt take any shit. Not too many ballsy game show hosts like that anymore. This guy dominated everything he did, just checkout the lawsuit section on his wikipedia page.

In honor of Bob here are some great TPIR moments
$5 !?!
I’ll bid $420, Bob
Terrible playing of “10 Chances”
Bob and the Beauties pregamed before this episode
This is the real reason why he was host for 35 years

Bob and his pimp ass skinny microphone will be missed

Say it with me now, “Help control the pet population, have your pet spade or neutered”

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