Usual Place of Abode

December 18, 2006

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Dick In A Box – An SNL Digital Short


December 14, 2006

Unchecked Agression

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After today, I will only have one final left and the plans for the bar crawl are already taking over my brain. I think i have spent the last four months thinking of a bar crawl shirt.

Another intersting aspect that has come into my life is my new schedule. Get up at noon, take adderall, study until about 11pm, get high, eat, drink a few beers, come home, study more, then try to get to sleep sometime before 4am. I needed some help falling alseep and instead of taking another pill, I conditioned myself like a Pavlovian dog to fall alseep. Whats the trigger?

The Big Lebowski Opening

Goodnight sweet prince

Although this clip doesnt have the entire begining, I usually get comfy during the cowboy speech, get scared when the Chinamen is in the Dude’s house, and I am asleep by the time the Dude is going to the cash machine. Donny, please. Strange, but true.

here are a couple more things

The best pictures of 2006 – really uplifting

new dance craze Maury – how do you wake up every morning knowing you are going to be doing this show AGAIN?

Oh, by the way, if you want to battle me – bring it in here

December 12, 2006

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Virtual Reality

December 6, 2006

Finals, Trailer Park Boys

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I am busier than shit right now. Will be able to fuck around after i recover from thr most massive hangover than I will have after Decemeber 18.

Til then watch some fucking Trailer Park Boys

In the holiday spirit – “Dear Santa Clause, Go Fuck Yourself”

One of the better episodes – “Closer to the Heart”

I hope you are addicted to Trailer Park Boys. (all the episodes are on video google)


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