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January 22, 2007

Bad Decisions, Ghost Ride the Bus

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When we are talking about all time bad decisions, a few standout as easily recognizable: drafting Mike Williams, taking a shit then remembering you have no toilet paper, or any TM sent after 3:00 am. But some bad decisions don’t just make for a few years of underachieving, a strange saddle walk with a dirty ass, or looking someone in the eye after you TM’ed them “I want to take a bath in milk with you”; nay some decisions will lead to a lifetime of responding with….”yeah, that’s Raccoon Mario, you know Super Mario Brothers 3!”


Combined with the big gap in his ear lob and what I can only assume is hanging off his lip/tongue this kid has all the makings of starring in a future episode of Intervention.

Till next time, get out tha way, let Casper drive

ghost ride the whip


January 17, 2007

Kids Movie + Terrible Rap = Greatness

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Happy Feet Walks It Out

January 11, 2007

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Huge Vagina

January 9, 2007


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Oh Lord, wont you buy me an apple iphone? My friends all have Treos, I must make it known; I have no money and will be needing another loan, so oh Lord wont you buy me an apple iphone!


January 3, 2007

Box in a Box

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“It wont bite, but it might scratch”

check it out – Added bonus, she has great tubes


So we can steam on the way to the telly go fill my belly, a t-bone steak cheese eggs and welch’s grape

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Take a look at these real life African Kings and tell me if you agree:

King of Abomey

Could it be . . .


How about this pimp . . .

HAPI IV King of Bana

Is that Ghostface Killah’s uncle?


Maybe these Kings arent related to rappers, but check out these guys here. Don’t they look strangely familiar? There are no Bentleys or crunk juice, but you better believe these kings are smoking blunts and counting cheese all day long.

Is it too much to ask for a reality show where we pair up an Africian King and his posse (maybe these guys) with a rapper and his posse (maybe them) ? Have them party in Africa and in the hood; I cant even imagine.

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