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May 29, 2007

Chauncey ????????????

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Since the last post the Tigers got swept and the Pistons cant win.

Chauncey – what the fuck were you doing in the last few minutes?  Stop trying to draw fouls.  Stop it.  Right now.  Just try to fucking score.  Enough with trying to get the call.  I have watched you drive, jump sideways, brush someone’s shoulder, double pump, flare your legs, and toss up a brick a million times. You NEVER get the call late in the game.  Not once.  Wouldn’t you rather just score instead of relying on some ref?  I dont understand you Chauncey.  Step up or get the fuck out of town next year.  We arent going to win any championships with 4th quarter play like that.  Embarrassing.


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  1. I have been telling all you pistons fans since the day you let Ben wallace go…it’s over, hope it was fun, peace. I am not saying they should have paid him what the Bulls did, I am not saying he isn’t past his prime, in fact I never agree with giving someone a reward contract (paying for past services not future). But watching last years ECF’s, I sat back and said without Ben Wallace the Cavs would have taken that series in 5 maybe 6. Truth is that spoiled Pistons fans seem to forget that Ben Wallace without a doubt was their MVP in ’04. They battled Shaq twice in the playoffs and won only b/c of Ben. Pistons fans forget the 10,000 offensive rebounds that Ben slapped out to the top of the key in their magical run. Its sad to see such an inspirational team as the ’04 pistons get cocky and think they can win every game from behind and waltz into the finals. Then again, as a Cavs fan it was nice getting an early present from the whiny overrated Pistons, who really looked like 5 mediocre players against a super-duper star. I guess either Ben really really mattered or the theory of 5 good players is better than a couple of studs is wrong. Either way I am glad to know that nothing short of KG or Kobe in the east will stop the king now.

    Comment by Tom mother fucking Roeder — June 19, 2007 @ 2:33 pm | Reply

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