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August 15, 2007

Some Tubes of a Dick, an Irv, and of the Future

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Are you serious? I am speechless…..

Only 5 people in America are prescribed marijuana  by the federal government (Bush number 1 ened the program).  The following is Irv Rosenfeld’s story of how he smokes 11 ounces every 25 days for the last 25 years, while earing a living as a sucessful stockbroker, to combat his illness.  Irv is a baller with a sick nug jar.

Question: How much money do you think the Bush Administration spent on PR? Answer, buttloads

Come check out who is editing Wikipedia?

Sticking with this depressing theme, here is the future, as presented by Idiocracy


August 10, 2007

Superbad, random, leggie blonde

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Thats really messed up……

Facebook was setup by the CIA
New iMacs are out
Downs Tiger

Murray and his leggie blonde take us into the weekend…..

August 3, 2007


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This is one of the most poorly thought out attempts at a retarded stunt I have saw since the bush diving days of Delta and Durand Streets.  First, we all know if you plan to run through a 2 x 4 you need to have sleeves.  Secondly, did it just stop raining there?  [Gary, IN possibly]  Doesnt it look like the concrete is wet?  Thirdly, even if he did run through the board, do you think the two scrots holding hands like 3rd graders playing red rover would of stopped this white trash locomotion?


This reminds me of 3 footers, DVR’ed episodes of AFV, kegerators, and how great undergrad life really was…..what does it remind you of?

Never ending unconditional love goes out to PlanetDan for posting this

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